Books by Steve Blue

What Went Wrong and How To Make It Right.

For nearly two decades, America’s industrial manufacturing sector has been in decline—and as a result, the nation’s prosperity and strength is at risk. Meanwhile, China’s manufacturing capabilities and competence continue to grow, threatening to overtake America as the world’s most powerful and prosperous nation. Drawing on straightforward principles that can effectively be applied to a broad spectrum of manufacturing companies, author Steven L. Blue taps his leadership skills and proven processes honed over his career of growing companies—and saving them—to offer readers an inspiring vision for revitalizing the entire manufacturing sector.

Using case studies and examples from his own experiences, both at Miller Ingenuity and in other roles earlier in his career, the author organizes his lessons in leadership, strategy, and change management into seven values of ingenuity: innovation, excellence, commitment, community, teamwork, respect, and integrity. The book explains how this highly integrated system of operating values can be implemented to turn around a company (if needed) or to propel it to extraordinary growth and prosperity.



Unlocking the Double Digit Profit Code

Many American companies are slowly dying. With a sense of entitlement and complacence, businesses are satisfied with “business as usual,” and rarely make thorough investigations into moving their business forward. This causes decreased productivity, latent R&D, underperforming salespeople, or an outdated factory all damaging the bottom line.

The bleak reality of this situation is that many CEOs and company heads cannot detect the severity of these problems until it is far too late; often having to decide whether or not to pay their electric bill, meet payroll or trying to find the least painful route for bankruptcy declaration.

Burnarounds, through the powerful and expert teachings of Steve Blue, offers the opportunity for these companies to turn a 180 and blaze a trail towards immense profits and prosperity.



When Your Most Toxic Liability Meets Your Most Important Customer.

How tired are you of spending money with companies only to be treated badly? How often does it get under your skin when workers in the service industry act as if they’re doing you a favor just by doing their jobs?

You’re not alone. And if you’re a business owner you need to pay attention. In the $10 Million Dollar Employee I take on not the workers, but the CEOs of these companies. You read that correctly, I don’t blame the low man on the totem pole, I advise cutting out the dead weight where it begins: starting at the top.

Why would a business put $10 million dollars into the construction of a brand new hotel, only to have ill-behaved and surly workers handling the customers? As an accomplished CEO and a world traveler, Steve uses anecdotes of his travels and family life to explain to the head of every company what is right and what is wrong with their employees.

Yes, it is exactly as simple as Steve makes it sound: Rid yourself of the $10 million dollar toxic liability employees, and surround yourself with $10 million dollar golden assets. It is a formula for success.