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Steve Blue is a business transformation expert who focuses on auditing a company's culture to maximize productivity and increase innovation.

Speaking engagements that spark innovation.

As a been there, done that CEO with real world experience, hiring Steve for your next c-level executive event will provide your leadership team with enthusiasm, thought-provoking insights and innovative strategies that they can immediately implement into their own businesses.

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As a Keynote Speaker, Steve delivers.

– Enthusiasm
– Passion
– Interactive engagement
– Real world experiences
– Honesty and boldness

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Keynote Topics

Steve regularly speaks to CEOs and senior leaders all over the world about achieving their company’s Innovational Potential®. These enthusiastic speeches will provide valuable insight on how to transform your company culture to maximize your growth potential.

How to Spark Outstanding Business Performance

Imagine if you could dominate your market. Imagine if you could crush your competition. Imagine if your organization operated seamlessly, like a well-oiled machine. Better yet, imagine if you could do all this after listening to just one keynote address.

With “The 7 Values of Ingenuity®,” you can do all of this and more. Steve Blue is a “been there, done that” CEO with an astonishing record of transforming underperforming businesses into global powerhouses. Now you have the chance to learn exactly how he successfully implements organizational change through a culture based on innovation and ingenuity.

You will learn the real reasons why your organization is underperforming and discover eye-opening business transformation techniques to unleash its true potential. These insider secrets lie within “The 7 Values of Ingenuity®,” a surprising and unique system that ignites astonishing performance.

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From Rust-belt to High-tech:
Transform. Ignite. Disrupt®

It is possible for rust-belt companies to achieve superior profits, enter new markets, and repel offshore competition. This keynote provides a blueprint for senior executives that want to revitalize, reinvent, and rejuvenate their companies. In this keynote, the audience will take away key principles for:

  • Transforming a rust-belt company from mediocre to an Olympic level performance.
  • Unleashing creativity and innovation organization-wide.
  • Disrupting the competition and establishing a rust-belt company as a high-tech leader.

During this keynote, you will learn how to unleash a blizzard of new high margin products that will delight your customers and destroy your competition. This presentation is highly entertaining, incredibly informative, and even better, comes with loads of content and action plans to help you start immediately implementing change.

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Custom speeches ranging from culture to rebranding your business

Tailor a custom program to meet your specific needs. Steve will work with you to develop a topic that will resonate and impact your audience members.

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Unlock your company’s Innovational Potential®

Spark innovation within your own organization through Steve’s proven methods and strategies of transforming businesses to high-technology powerhouses.

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What People are Saying

“Your speech was just incredible and especially made for the audience you delivered it to … You are a master craftsman”

Harvey Mackay - Seven-time, New York Times best-selling author and one of the top five speakers in the world

We talk a lot about change in manufacturing and I think Steve Blue has got a wonderful example [with his company] Miller Ingenuity of really following through … and establishing the culture base for it.

Steve Minter - Executive Editor, Industry Week

While innovation is a long and arduous journey, take heart. Steve Blue is the Steve Jobs of the rust-belt economy, and Metamorphosis: From Rust-Belt to High-Tech in a 21st Century World provides a detailed map for the innovator’s journey.

Jedidiah Yueh - Bestselling Author of Disrupt or Die: What the World Needs to Learn from Silicon Valley to Survive the Digital Era

Best presentation so far! Relevant with real business world examples.

Anonymous Attendee - 2020 IndustryWeek Manufacturing & Technology Conference

Your presentation resonated deeply with everyone in the audience. Your style is an exquisite blend of nourishing analysis and commentary with doses of humor and panache. Speaking from real experience heightened the credibility of everything that you said.

Harold G. Cohen - Partner, Dilworth Paxson LLP

Steve really did a fantastic job.He laid it on the line about how to keep company growing when there’s a recession. Real tangible insights. For example, creating a new culture. Some people don’t take the time to do those things. Based on all the feedback we got here, other people felt the same way too.

Doug Strouse - President, CEO Club International Baltimore

He was terrific. He’s one of the few CEOs I’ve heard that talked so transparent and was so authentic in his insights and observations.

Gary Miller - GEM Strategy Management, ACG Denver

Steve really came through and reached out to each one of the volunteers and made them feel they really do make a difference in the community. If you work with Steve he’ll find out what makes your organization tick. Put Steve in charge and he’ll do an absolutely incredible job.

Sandra Burke - Executive Director, Winona Volunteer Services

It can be tough to get value for time spent reading these days, and your article was high value.

Yvonne Wilcox - Founder, Gainstorming® Creative Focus Accelerator

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