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Steven L. Blue is President and CEO of Miller Ingenuity, an internationally recognized business transformation expert, media contributor, 4x-author, and dynamic keynote speaker. His expertise lies within transforming company cultures through innovation and investments in workforce growth.

Leading a Winning Team as a CEO

Rebrand Expert

Steve is President and CEO of Miller Ingenuity, a global supplier of high technology systems that protect assets, preserve the environment, and save lives. He has blended multiple technologies to transform his manufacturing company, Miller Ingenuity, into a highly innovative global powerhouse. Steve launched a bold rebrand that took the company name from Miller Felpax to Miller Ingenuity, honoring the company’s history while becoming more aligned with the innovative products, services, and thought leadership the company provides. This rebrand drew national recognition and has led Steve to become a top expert on answering the questions: When is the right time to rebrand? What is the right process for taking on a corporate rebrand?

Master Negotiator

There are many experts out there offering tips on business negotiation, however, few have the substantial experience and insights that Steve can bring to the table. It has been Steve’s negotiation expertise that moved him through seemingly impassable roadblocks created by unions, executive boards, and vendors. His perseverance in these tough situations equipped him with the ability to dive deeper into business discussions. Throughout Steve’s speeches and writings, negotiation tactics are a reoccurring theme that shed light on his secrets to success.

Executive Trainer for Building Corporate Culture by Design

Steve believes that success begins with developing a ‘Cirque Du Soleil’ culture. According to Steve, most businesses have cultures by default, but what they need is a culture by design. He has successfully trained the executives and employees at Miller Ingenuity to build a culture that would lead the company to rule the markets served by the company. Now Steve has a mission to share his successful corporate strategies with CEOs around the world and help them realize exponential growth for their companies.

Sharing Hard-Earned Lessons as a Keynote Speaker

A Seasoned Expert to C-Suite Executives

Through his keynote addresses to audiences, ranging from CEO Clubs International to Harvard University, Steve provides high-level strategies for the business community on how to maximize their company’s Innovational Potential™. His engaging and informative speeches will encourage c-suite executives to increase their efforts in rebuilding their company culture to maximize their growth potential.

A Leader by Example for Youth

Steve offers his expertise to university students through his speeches aimed to prepare students for the unknown by revealing the often unstated rules and expectations of the corporate world. He delivers his message via anecdotes of corporate experience that he has observed or experienced in his various roles in the industry.

Revealing Practical Knowledge as an Author

Steve is the author of three highly acclaimed books that target executives, leaders, entrepreneurs, and anyone seeking to learn the secrets of success in the corporate world. His latest book, American Manufacturing 2.0: What Went Wrong and How to Make It Right, was published in 2016 and offers an in-depth take on American manufacturing, inspirational success stories, and a guide on how to regain the key position America once held in the manufacturing industry. Steve’s additional books include: The Ten Million Dollar Employee: When Your Most Toxic Liability Meets Your Most Important Customer, and Burnarounds: Unlocking the Double-Digit Profit Code. He is a co-author with Jack Canfield (Chicken Soup For The Soul Series) of an upcoming book, Mastering The Art of Success, to be published in June 2017.

Contributing to International Media Organizations

Steve Blue is an internationally recognized expert on leading change and business transformation, showing companies how to double and even quadruple growth. Steve regularly contributes to leading media and industry outlets, including FOX, BusinessWeek, Forbes, The Huffington Post, Entrepreneur Magazine, AMA, Europe Business Review, The Adam Carolla Show and The Wall Street Journal. His insights have led many media outlets to refer to him as one of America’s Leading Mid-Market CEOs.

Producing Monthly Interviews with C-Level Executives

Steve is founder and monthly contributor to American City Business Journal’s popular “The League of Extraordinary CEOs” series, reaching three million executives in 43 cities. In this role, Steve interviews fellow CEOs responsible for generating rates of growth from 200 to 2,000% in less than three years.

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Providing Leadership for National and Community Organizations

Advancing Safety Across America

Steve has been named Chair of the CEO Network for the Safe America Foundation and has accepted an invitation to serve on the Safe America Foundation Board of Directors. The Safe America Foundation’s mission is to educate the public and thought leaders on existing and emerging health and safety issues; and to develop, distribute and facilitate programming that impacts personal behavior and extends life at home, work and play.

Steve’s involvement with this organization helps bring to light the need for safer systems, procedures and technologies that will help protect firms, employees, and communities from safety risks. This includes areas such as human trafficking, cyber security, veteran’s transition to civilian life and, a cause that is close to his heart, transportation safety.

Partnering with the Community

Steve’s conviction in giving back to the community is evident from his active role in supporting non-profits, health-care, education, and other causes.

In December 2014, Steve began serving on Winona State University’s College of Business Dean’s Community Leadership Advisory Board (C-LAB), providing advice, guidance and active support to the Dean and faculty of the College in achieving its mission and vision.

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