There are only 3 key differences between extraordinary and ordinary leaders.

Do you know what they are?

  • Extraordinary leaders know things ordinary leaders don’t. In a crisis, ordinary leaders run around with their hair on fire crying “I don’t know what to do”. Extraordinary leaders bring calm and certainty to the organization by proclaiming “I know what to do”-even if the don’t.
  • Extraordinary leaders do things ordinary leaders can’t. They get things done, they don’t wait. they do things that empower their teams. The provide support, encouragement, tools, and techniques to get through tough times. Ordinary leaders just do the same old, same old.
  • Extraordinary leaders look to the future while ordinary leaders cling to the past. I can’t tell you how often I have hear about how some leaders just want to get out 2020 and get back to normal. I miss 2019 but I know one thing: I can’t live there. And I don’t want to because if I lead like it was 2019 I know I will certainly fail. I am looking past the pandemic and preparing my organization to live in that world. You should too.