“Steve Blue is the Steve Jobs of the rust-belt economy, and Metamorphosis provides a detailed map for the innovator’s journey.”– Jedidiah Yueh, Bestselling Author,
Chairman and Founder, Delphix
, Founding CEO, Avamar

The advent of high-tech products, services, and processes have wrought a major shift in communication and in how we conduct commerce. How companies and organizations adapt to change in the New Economy is a major challenge. If you’re running a rust-belt company, the longer you wait to radically transform it, thebetter the odds are your last play will be a Hail Mary. . . and it will fail. As a result, your company will lose the game and go belly-up, along with your career.

In his new book, Metamorphosis: From Rust-Belt to High-Tech in a 21stCentury World, Steve Blue, CEO of Miller Ingenuity, analyzes the difficulties in moving from rust-belt to high-technology modes of conducting business rooted in four decades of personal leadership experience.

Chronicling Blue’s journey transforming several old line manufacturing companies, Metamorphosisprovides tangible advice to tackle the problem of transforming a manufacturing company with no high tech products into a high technology company with advanced electronic products. The book features a hands-on how to guide – using the Innovational Potential®, a carefully planned concept for igniting business transformation – providing readers with exact blueprints to transform a rust-belt, low-tech company with low margins into a high-tech company, superior margin company to match the technological and commercial advancements of the new century.

“This book is a wake-up call for what I call ‘fat, dumb, and happy CEOs,’ which refers to CEOs that live in ‘happy land’ and live off the successes of yesterday,” explains Blue. “These CEOs are those who choose to deny the gathering global storm that threatens their companies in the hope they can get to retirement before that happens.”

Along with providing readers with a tangible guide to reorient themselves in the new technologically advanced world of business, Metamorphosisalso discusses:

  • How most manufacturing sectors have been declining in the last two decades as American manufacturing is on a death spiral unless manufacturing CEOs radically transform their companies.
  • The long-term, hard-as-nails fundamental transformation of a company from rust-belt to high tech offering an exact blueprint how to do that from an in-the-trenches CEO with over 4 decades of experience.
  • The three stages of this fundamental transformation: 1. Transform the organization from what it is now to what it needs to be to enter the high tech world; 2. Ignite the organization’s creative ability through the use of the Innovational Potential™ process; 3. Disrupt the market through the use of Disruptional Marketing techniques.
  • How to prepare your organization for massive change, how to select the new technologies, products, and markets you will enter, how to recruit the high tech talent you will need, and how to creatively market your new high tech products.
  • “Radically transforming a rust-belt company is not for the faint of heart. It is gut-wrenching, risky, expensive, and unlike anything you have ever done before. It will scare the living daylights out of you. If you want to know what to do, this book is for you,” adds Blue. “It provides an exact blueprint of how to avoid the coming apocalypse. However, more importantly, it shows you how to prosper in a 21st century high-tech world.”